We at Orange county Garage Door experts are licensed professionals who work round the clock to ensure effective installation and repair of garage doors. One fine day when your garage door refuses to function for some reason or the other, the next obvious step is to opt for a garage door repair. This is simply because the latter is a quick, effective and durable option. However, before you reach to the phone to call your garage door install company, take a glance at these few simple and 2)unconventional ways to repair your garage door.

1 When the door doesn’t open due to a power cut & you need urgent access to your car

You can open the garage door even in the event of a power failure. The catch here is that you will have to do this job manually. Ideally, the garage door opener uses a guide track to control opening and closing of the door. This opener is equipped with a dangling cord that is attached with a red knob at its end. If you take some bit of effort and maybe use some assistance to pull down the cord, you can still open the door and access your trapped car.

2 When the door gets jammed due to chilly weather

Many a time, the garage door sensor mechanism of your garage door stiffens due to frozen weather and loses power. If the door was manufactured sometime within the past 12 years, it is sure to have pressure settings that can be adjusted on a seasonal basis to ensure that it runs smoothly, irrespective of the outer ambiance. Check the pressure and set it accordingly to get your door back to form. Then again, if the door refrains from budging still, use a heat gun or heat dryer to melt any snow that is trapped underneath.

3 A sagging garage door

If your garage door looks pretty old and worn-out, it is likely to have become saggy too. To solve this problem, position the tension rods at the back of the door to align it up. Also, place rods diagonally to the top from bottom corners and tighten them well to straighten out the door completely.

4 When your garage door fails to lock altogether

The track of a garage door has several slots mixed with horizontal bars at its side. These bars lock the door effectively in place. In case the garage door doesn’t lock, it is quite possible that the bars are not aligned accurately and are out of their place. Once you detect this problem, you can realign them in a jiffy by using quality machine oil for lubricating the lock mechanism. This is enough to ensure that the door locks well.

5 When your garage door makes weird noises

A garage door that makes weird sounds like grinding, squeaking or squealing may not impose immediate trouble at first, but such a door is representative of some serious internal problem, which when undetected can cause havoc in the long run. Applying grease to the door or removing debris buildup from the tracks can solve the problem to a great extent. Ensure to clean the track properly to stop these loud sounds completely.

Two Helpful Tips:

1. With a wee bit of regular garage door maintenance, you can thwart the occurrence of all the above problems.

2. When the problem lies with the garage door spring, it is best to leave it in the hands of an expert. Broken springs are dangerous to handle without adequate knowledge.

We at Orangecounty Garage Door Experts are adept at handling any sort of garage door repair. Yet, you can always swear by the aforementioned 2)unconventional ways to repair your garage door during an urgent situation. To top it all, these are all cost-effective and quick solutions, which do not even require the guidance of professional garage door repair services.

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