garage door maintenance


Your garage doors plays a very important role and it would be suicidal not to give it the attention that it deserves. It is the largest movable part of your house and has a number of parts that require regular maintenance undertakings to prevent major breakdowns that might lead to even more serious problems. Here are some of the major garage door repair tips to help you keep it great shape.
Lubricating the Moving Parts
Give all your garage door hinges, rollers, roller tracks, stems, chain rails, and latches a good squirt using penetrating solvents such as lithium spray lubricants, lithium spray lubricant or you can use a citric based solvent. Make sure you lubricate the pulleys on extension spring opener, the bearings on torsion spring openers and the roller bearings. There are thing you must not do as far as lubrication is concerned, things like using WD-40 to lubricate your garage door. Never use this lubricant whatsoever. Also, there are parts that you should never lubricate: the springs and the tracks.
Regular Tightening Up Of the Hardware
Your garage door moves and vibrates a lot, and it is these movements and vibrations that results in the loosening up of the entire garage door hardware. Examine and identify loose bolts and roller brackets and see if they require tightening up. Tightening up of these parts will save you from incurring avoidable extra costs. It might also reduce noise considerably, especially if this was the cause of you garage door noisiness. Use a socket wrench in the tightening procedures for effective result.
Resetting the Garage Door Opener
Resetting your garage door opener will boost the security system of your home. When you close your garage door and it stops before it reaches the ground, or when it opens automatically without being opened, then you need to reset you garage door opener as soon as you notice the problem. Unplug your door opener from the power source to shut it off then wait for 10 seconds after which you can turn the power back on After powering your garage door opener back on, press the down-arrow button until the door closes completely. Finally, you must set the garage door opener on this function by pressing the reset button.
Clean the Tracks Properly
Like I’ve mentioned in the previous point, never lubricate the garage door tracks, because doing so will only attract more debris to the tracks, hence jamming it Proper cleaning of the garage door means wiping the inside portions of the tracks with a damp cloth after which you can dry it with a dry cloth. In case you need to clean off some sticky substance, this is the right place to use WD-40 lubricant to remove the residue.
Realign Garage Door Sensors
When the garage door sensors get knocked out of position, they stop functioning properly. Realigning them will only require you to push them gently in their right position. The right position here is where they face each other. When a solid light replaces a blinking light, then there are in the right position
Checking and maintaining your garage door at least once a year will do your home a great deal of good and will enable your door to roll along trouble-free all year round. If you have a garage door in Orange County, call Orange County Garage Door Experts if you need any help with the garage door.


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