Typically a garage door is the biggest moving part in your home and is often used a number of times during the day in all seasons and at any hour. To ensure that your electric garage door opener works smoothly it is very important that you take good care of them by performing maintenance, garage door repair, and preventive care. Here are some tips to take care of your electric garage door opener. Generally, a garage door opener needs tender care and maintenance.

Observe the electric garage door openers; one of the most important preventive care tips is to look and listen to your electric garage door opener every time you use it. Is it moving well or is it is producing some sound? Does it operate smoothly? If not schedule for maintenance. You can also contact our expert for garage door opener repair anytime.

Do regular checkups; normally, garage doors also needs regular checkups. You can use lubricants for the drive and chain mechanism that is used to ensure that the door functions well. Start by disabling the door’s automatic system then manually confirm whether all the other parts are working well. If a garage door opener is alright, you should not experience any problem while closing or opening.

Test the garage door balance; if your garage door spring is not balanced it means the garage door opener will be working even harder and this means it will not last long. Disconnect the electric garage door opener and then using a red cord manually pull the release handle and move the door halfway. If the door does not remain in the same position it implies that it lacks balance. Ensure that you balance it so that the life electric opener is maintained well.

Check if the cables are working well; do not joke with the garage door cables since they have enough force to cause you maximum injury or even kill you. This is why it is very important to always check their conditions to know when to hire a professional. You can also check for any damage near the bottom of the roller.

Test the auto reverse mechanism; essentially, an electric garage door opener has both the mechanical and photocell. For you to confirm whether the mechanical feature is working well place a piece of brick on the path of the door. When the door touches the piece it should automatically reverse back. Also, close the door and pass your leg on the path, in case it is working well it should reverse automatically. if the opener is not working well this mechanism will be lacking. This is also important for a garage door spring.We at Orangecounty Garage Door experts are licensed professionals who work round the clock to ensure effective installation and repair of garage doors. One fine day when your garage door refuses to function for some reason or the other, the next obvious step is to opt for a garage door repair.

Regularly examine the door itself; while performing garage door repair on electric garage door opener do not forget to check the door. For instance, you need to check wood doors for warp or water damage as well as peeling of the paint. Besides, steel doors may have some rusts spots that need to be sanded. While washing your car, you can also wash the garage door with a mild all-purpose cleaner to ensure that it is working well.

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