Today we are pleased to talk about the genie garage door opener. There are a number of options that you always face when it is a matter of installing a new garage door opener.

Here is a description of five things that you should always take into key consideration before buying and installing a genie door opener for your garage:

  • The security features
  • Type of drive
  • Key-less entry pad
  • The price
  • Size of the garage door
  • The Security Features.

You definitely are concerned about the security of your garage and for that reason you should ensure that before installing any genie garage door opener that it meets this requirement. It should therefore have security features such as the rolling code feature. This ensures that no burglar can open the door since they do not have access to your unique door opener code. It should also be able to close automatically within a span of five minutes if in case a person forgets to close it.

1 Type of Drive.

It is important to ensure that the type of drive used by the genie door opener of your choice suits tour requirements. For this reason, screw-drive openers are suitable if you require least noise, little maintenance and ease in installation. Other drives such as the chain drive openers are quite noisy and may not be suitable if your garage is adjacent to a room where noise could be a disturbance though they could be suitable if at all you require some warning to know when someone is gaining entry to the garage.

2 Key-less Entry Pad.

This feature ensures that you and your employees can open the door to the garage without having to use a key, but by using a predesignated code. This is a special and desirable feature because some people, as they age, they tend to be a bit forgetful and this will ensure that they will still be able to get to work without being stranded.

3 Its Price.

The price of the genie door opener should be in proportion to the quality and the unique features presented. You should buy a door opener that offers the best value for your money. Therefore, before you purchase the door opener consider the quality of the material, its durability and the power saving mode.

4 Size of the Garage Door.

For you to be able to get a good door opener, you should first consider the size of your garage door since different sizes require equally different door openers for them. For example, a standard garage door opener accommodates garage doors that are up to 7-feet and 6-inches tall, while there are those that support doors that are slightly shorter than that.

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