Ever wondered how you could change the battery for your wireless keypad garage? Here are several steps and instructions on how to remove the battery cover and to replace the battery, but it is important to note that a bit of force will be a requirement, however, you should not worry about breaking the battery cover since the cover has been designed to remove in that way.

General Simple Steps
The simple basic step to removing and replacing the batteries for wireless keypad of your garage door are
First ensure that you turn counterclockwise the key located right on the bottom of the spacer, then you have to remove the Keyless Entry System from space
The second step is to release the release the back plate and remove the old batteries from the keypad.
The wireless keypad batteries should be replaced with two new and 3V batteries, the CR2023. Once the polarity is tested, then test the operability.

Replacing the battery should be done when the keypad backlight does not light, however, it is advisable to note that the batteries should be replaced with the same type of batteries while the positive (+) and the negative (-) terminal should be properly checked during the replacement. While replacing the battery, no programming is lost since (Key less Entry System) has been designed to ensure that pin and code do not reset, so you should not get worried at all.

For 740CB/66LM
This is an older version of the keypad and has a screw that holds the battery cover in position. For this case you need to have a head screwdriver possibly a Phillips head screw to have the battery cover removed. Once the battery cover is removed the battery should slide off.
The second style involves the (940CB, 976LM, and the 376LM) keypad. The keypad has a pin hole right at the bottom of the keypad cover, and to replace the battery, you will have to insert a small screwdriver possibly Phillips into the hole and then gently pull it outward so that the cover loosens then slide it downwards. You should use both thumbs to apply pressure to the top end of the battery cover and then slide it down and away. In order to ensure the functionality and safety of your garage door of your home, you need to find a reliable garage door repair company in town. The residential garage doors that we offer can solve the garage door needs of all home owners in Orange County. Moreover, we can fix any problem in its smooth operation in quick time too. If you want noiseless, robust and automatic garage door opener designed for high performance, you can depend on our trusted professionals.

For the current model of keypads the (940D, 940EV, 977LM, 877LM, 377LM and the 877MAX), there is an oval cut out located just on the top of the battery cover and in order to have the battery cover removed, first you have to insert a flat head screwdriver right into the oval cut and at the same time apply sufficient pressure on the screwdriver and against the battery cover, then to have the battery cover removed, slide the lid down gently.
Before replacing the battery, it is advisable to check whether the existing batteries have sufficient power to operate the keypad, to check this, you have to press and hold the light bell button for some few seconds. While the button is pressed, the red LED on the keypad should flash, but if the red LED, only flashes dimly the battery needs to be replaced. Also, if the keypad back light brightness varies while pressing the light bell button and during transmission of a radio code, then the battery should also be replaced

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