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Garages are an important part of a home, especially when the primary means of transport is a personal car. Because of this, we all strive to maintain our garages in top notch condition, however, sometimes unforeseen breakdowns occur in operation making it difficult for us to continue operating our garages normally. Most of the time this breakdown may be on the garage door opener.

A garage door opener is simply a mechanical device which acts to open up and close garage doors. They may be controlled by switches on the garage door wall or by the simple action of a remote switch. There are two types of garage door openers namely the electric opener and the remote control opener. Damage to either of these may require specialized attention depending on the extent of the damage.

Some of the techniques of fixing a garage door opener range from simple do it yourself remedies to complicated mechanisms that may involve a technician. Technicians are usually important in the initial garage door installation, however to reduce the cost of garage door repairs, one may follow the following simple steps.

Step 1 Ensure that the power cable is plugged in While this might be the most simple remedy, it is also the most common problem as to why your door may not be working. A simple procedure of unplugging and re plugging the connection might solve the problem. Unplugging the garage door opener usually resets the logic board.

Step 2 In some cases however there might be a problem in the wiring such as disconnected wires or chewed up wires due to rodents. In this case, checking the connections and making sure that no cables are attached or probably chewed off by rats would solve the problem.

Step 3 Sometimes the problem may lie on the operating mechanism, the remote controller. The remote controllers usually come pre-installed with a specialized program that links it to the garage door. This software may require upgrades on a regular basis to take care of compatibility issues.

Step 4 Check whether the safety sensors are working or probably have been blocked. Dust may accumulate in front of the sensors causing problems with operation. A simple test may be performed to determine whether the sensors are functional or faulty. Connect them to the motor unit each with short wires and hold them face to face. Proceed to turn on the garage door and monitor its reaction. If it fails to open and the sending and receiving lights do not turn on, then you may have to replace the sensors entirely.

Step 5 Sometimes the problem might lie with the logic board as it may not properly be receiving and sending out signals . Check the logic board for any blacked out or burnt parts. If this is the case, then replacing the logic board may solve the problem.

The above simple do it yourself remedies may help you in garage door opener repair without having to go though the hustle of paying an electrician or technician to take a look on your garage door control. Calling up a specialist is however important if all of the above and any other tests fail.

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