garage alignment


The tracks of a garage door can be considered as the base of all of its operations. Garage door tracks contain and guide the rollers which enable the smooth opening and closing of the garage door. So, it is pretty obvious that if the garage door tracks are out of alignment, you have quite a serious issue at hand.

Now, let’s get down to business and take a look at why your garage door tracks might be out of alignment or to simply put it- why your garage door might be “off track”?

There are a few chief reasons why a garage door may become “off track”. Let’s take a look at them:

1 One of the most common causes of a garage door track to misaligned is due to the breakage of one or both of the garage door cables. Usually, a cable breaks only on one side of the garage door track and such a disaster happens during the opening process. The reason of such a break in the garage door cable is due to the years of use and natural wear and tear.

2 Off tracking of a garage door can also be caused due to its collision with an object that is blocking its plane of operation. New-age garage doors have the technology of electronic eyes that enables it to stop closing if it detects an obstruction (trash can, car, bicycle, stool, etc.) in its plane of operation. However, older garage doors don’t have electronic eyes which leave obstructions undetected during the process of closing the garage door and as soon as the garage door makes contact with such an obstruction, chances are that it might result in off tracking of the door. For any type of assistant regarding garage door repair service contact immediately.

3 There might be a misalignment in the tracks of a garage door due to an impact to the front or back of a closed garage door. For example, someone backs out of the garage when the door is closed or attempts to enter the garage despite a closed door.

4 There might be roller displacement which shall act as a clue that will point us to a problem in the tracks of the garage door. This phenomenon usually results from the lack of lubrication on the roller stems. The failure to lubricate the rollers leads to deterioration in flexibility and a bending of the lower portion of horizontal track of the garage door.

5 Metal fatigue in the horizontal track which arises from repeated door weight put on the track.

6 Lock strikers may cause significant scraping on the vertical track, which eventually leads to off tracking.

7 Frozen or defaced rollers can also cause off tracking of garage doors.

8 Road salt and the rust which follows, or other corrosive industrial chemicals leads to compromise of the galvanization on the tracks, leading to the requirement of a replacement. Natural deterioration results from the varied sources, based on geographic location. For example, corrosion is more evident in coastal areas due to a breezy maritime environment. it is advisable to contact orangecountygaragedoorexperts to deal with any repair. These handymen have garage door Special offers thus making it affordable for one to seek their services every once in a while.

So, the above listed points were some of the main reasons why a garage might be out of alignment. I hope these points were helpful to you.

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