There is no better feeling than having a garage door that opens automatically. During bad weather, the convenience brought about by technology is awesome. All it takes is a mere click of a button. The garage door responds as if by magic. This also means that there is no one time when you will leave your car to go and open the door manually. Unfortunately, Orange County and other parts of the country get hit by storms. Such natural occurrences end up causing power outages in their wake.

Resorting to manual garage door opening

Under such circumstances, you will have to resort to operating your garage door manually. This may take you by surprise. However, you need not worry. Garage door experts are always ready to help you figure out how to trigger the manual system. Your garage door opener comes with a bypass switch. It is for situations where you have a power outage. The bypass switch also helps during repair work. Technicians carrying out repairs may need to disable the garage door opener for one reason or the other.

Ask your expert

There is a good reason why there are all those garage door experts in Orange County. A power blackout is one of those situations where their help comes in handy. Request your provider to show you where the bypass switch is located. Normally, most openers have a rope hanging from one of its sides. If you look carefully, you will see it. This is the release handle. In case your garage door opener happens to have a modified version of the manual release switch, refer the matter to the provider. They will treat this as an emergency and come to your aid quickly.

garage door experts in Orange County

Why seek professional assistance

It seems like pulling the manual release cord will solve your problems instantly. However, you had better allow an expert to guide you. For one, power may go off when the door is in the open position. Pulling the door brings the door crashing down. This could injure someone, a pet or damage other components of the door.