One Thing You Didn’t Know About Garage Door Springs

One mistake most garage users make is take the space for granted. With families growing and the need for space for family vehicles expanding, garage spaces make a much needed addition to a house model, but less attention is paid to the intricacies of the structure itself. A lesser known fact is that on an average, a glass door spring usually lasts for an approximate of 3-4 years. With the automated opening and closing mechanisms, the need for proper maintenance of these springs becomes of utmost importance which gets usually ignored. With a wide variety of Garage door opener services which are available in Orange County and elsewhere, this problem is taken care of quite effortlessly. Before dabbling more into the details of why one needs spring safety, there are a few facts about garage springs which need to be known.

What are Garage Door Springs?

Garage doors, as most people would know, run on an automated mechanism which releases the door in the upwards and downwards direction on the release of a button. The spring comes attached for this precise purpose. There are two types of Garage Door Springs one can choose from: Springs which are situated just above the closed garage door are known as Torsion Springs while those attached on either side of the upper surface come to be called as the Extension Springs. Though the safety precautions and concerns of both the kinds are almost equal, the latter is said to last longer than the former.

Why Is There A Safety Issue?

With something built with reliable technology, there shouldn’t be a room for error and though there doesn’t, there is a chance of eventual degradation due to everyday use. Springs come, fixed in secure brackets and with the ability to handle the weight of the garage door as it opens and closes, there is always the risk of them jamming, or failing against gravity. Also, if the springs do not function, the garage becomes exposed and there is a possibility of house security breaches in addition to other safety issues. It is usually advisable to keep a constant check on the springs and not to try any DIY tricks to fix a repeating problem.

How To Fix Faulty Springs?

The most noticeable tell of a faulty garage door spring is if the door makes a noise while opening or closing. Other issues could be a reduced pace, uneven level in case of extension springs, an smooths transition like getting repeatedly stuck while opening or closing among a few instances. The first thing to do is to check on the bracket in which the spring is affixed. If there is no fault, try and switch to the manual mode and work the door manually. In other cases it is always better to get professional help as uninformed repairs always do more harm than good. If it comes to an extreme case of a faulty spring, the best option is to opt for a garage door spring replacement service in Orange County or elsewhere.