Carbon monoxide kills hundreds of Americans each year. The gas is also a silent killer. It has no smell or color. Normally fuels such as charcoal, wood, kerosene and gas produce carbon monoxide when they burn. The amount released depends how efficient the combustion process is. When you leave the engine of your car running while the vehicle is still in the garage, the fumes released may lead to an accumulation of carbon monoxide. With a poorly ventilated garage, this could be hazardous.

At Orange County Garage Door Repair Experts, we always caution homeowners against leaving cars in their garage with the engine running. It does not matter whether the door is still open or not. Learn to switch off your engine anytime the car is not in use. In addition to preventing a buildup of carbon monoxide, you also conserve gas. The end result is that your garage remains safe. You also save money on gas.

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Since the gas is invincible, you can only detect possible poisoning through its symptoms. These include fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath. A victim may also become disoriented and lose consciousness. What happens is that carbon monoxide prevents your red blood cells from carrying oxygen. If at all you experience some of these symptoms, step out of the garage. Get some fresh air and consult a physician.

Here’s how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Allow us to layout the garage door installation for you.
  • Ensure a properly ventilated garage.
  • We are experts in garage door installation. We also know about ventilation and other safety aspects. Allow us to help you in these matters.
  • Once you park your car in the garage, switch off the engine at once. Do not at any time leave the engine on even if you have forgotten something inside the house.
  • We also recommend that you install a carbon monoxide alarm in the garage. It will keep you alerted in the event of high levels of carbon monoxide.

Most importantly, allow us to inspect your garage on a regular basis.