Once you have built the garage, you have to ensure that it’s secure and your vehicle safe while in the garage. You have to install an opener that is good and working well without any hitches. Though many garage door openers are meant to be durable, there are times when you have to replace it; not because it’s faulty because a change is needed. So, let’s look at the following five reasons that might make you replace your garage door opener.

1. Safety Reversal.
Garage door openers are required to get installed with a safety reversing mechanism since 1993. The device enables the door to stop immediately and change in the event that a child or a pet is going to pass through while the door is closing. So, in case your garage door opener lacks this safety reversing feature or the one present is not working well, it’s recommended that you replace it.

2. To make the garage more secure.
Since most garage door openers use remote to open and close, you must ensure that you have one that is well secure. In the past, most of these remote controls worked with a fixed code that could be got by someone else hence allowing them access your garage. Most of the new garage door openers use the ‘rolling code’ that changes the code now and then and hence can’t be accessed by a third party. So, in case you are still using the old system, it’s high time you replaced your garage door opener.

3. To enable noise control
You don’t have to use a garage door opener that causes a lot of noises as the door is being opened. If your opener causes so much noise, it’s recommended that you replace it with a new opener that is quieter. The older opener opened and closed using a chain drive, and this should get replaced with a screw driver garage door opener or belt drive opener. There’s nothing as irritating than an opener that announces to everyone that you are in the garage.

4. It’s time to get an opener with battery backup
There’s nothing that can be as inconvenient as power outage when you are operating the garage door. The new garage door openers are however coming with some battery backup systems that enable them to kick automatically when you lose electrical power. Therefore, if you have been suffering from some power outrage, it’s a high time you replaced your old opener with the new opener that ensures that you are you are in operation.

5. To get one opener with no keys.
Most of the traditional openers used keys for them to get opened. The new garage door openers come with keypads that one can use from the outside of the garage. The keypad allows one to input a code so as to open. The newer keypads help reduce the need to keep remembering the code. Through the use of your fingerprint detection, one can open the door. In case your garage door falls in any of the above categories, it’s the highest time get your garage door repair. All the measures are aimed to ensure that your garage is safe and secure with its contents.