electric garage door opener


A garage door opener is a specialized machine that consists of an electric motor used to open and close garage doors. It is controlled by a switch or a keypad. The opener opens light doors but cannot provide enough lifting power to open the heavy doors. They provide a small force that determines how far the door swings in opening or closing. Counterbalance springs provide the lifting power for heavy doors. The door openers also act as locks to hold the gates closed.


Typical garage door opener
An electric garage door opener is usually located above the door. The opener power unit consisting of an electric motor is located at the rear side of a garage hanging from the ceiling. A header bracket is attached to the header wall opposite the power unit end.

When the electric motor is operated either by the keypad or the switch, it slides a trolley at the top of the garage door with the help of a belt, a screw or chain on the track. The back/forth movement of the trolley opens or closes the garage door. In case of power failure or an emergency, a quick-release mechanism usually attached to the trolley disconnects the door from the opener. Manual operations can be performed after the disconnection.

Jackshaft garage door opener
A jackshaft opener opens and closes the door by moving them up and down. It is made up of a motor attached to a torsion rod. For safe operation, a jackshaft opener requires a cable tension monitor and locking mechanism. The cable tension monitor detects a broken cable for replacements while the locking mechanism locks a fully closed door.

Remote controlled garage door openersA remote controlled garage door opener operates like the normal opener, but its control system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The opener uses a frequency spectrum that depends on hopping or rolling code technology for its operation. The transmitter sends a radio signal of a particular frequency. The receiver receives and decodes the signal into a corresponding electric signal that drives the motor to open or close the door.

They have photosensors that detect an object passing. This prevents the door from closing with an object crossing its path thus cannot hurt anybody.

They are convenient since the owner does not have to get out of their cars since they can use the remote.

The control systems can be designed to include integrated carbon monoxide sensors that can open the garage doors when exhaust fumes fill the garages.

Some designs allow automatic closing of the doors after a person leaves. This is helpful to people who have a tendency of forgetting to close the doors as they leave.

Some systems are activated over the internet that allows the operators to open or control from their office.

Installation and garage door repair is expensive.

Regardless of the installation cost, it’s much better to use electric garage doors due to their convenience and reliability.

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