Garage door opener


A garage door opener is a remote control that sends an infrared signal to a receiver that opens or closes the door. It is an essential component to the system that makes life easier for you. In order to operate correctly, it has to be within a certain range of the opener to be able to send signals that open and close the door. These remotes are also encoded to work specifically for your opener. If they were not encoded you could open your neighbour’s  garage at the same time. If your remote control has stopped working, there are ways to fix it without the necessity of calling a professional for help. Here are steps that you can take that could fix this issue.

Check the Batteries
Most commonly, the cause of the failure is weak or dead batteries. It is often an overlooked maintenance issue. Batteries should be replaced at regular intervals based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Cheaper batteries tend to need replacement more often. Therefore, the best way to counteract this is to use only brand name batteries. Discounted batteries only put out 1.2 volts as opposed to brand name batteries that put out 1.5 volts. Additionally, rechargeable batteries, although they are environmentally friendly, will give you 25 percent less battery power.

Check the Contacts
Open the casing of the remote control. The contacts inside the battery compartment can be worn, loose, dirty or wet. These contacts can inhibit the proper transmission of electricity from the batteries. If the contacts look dis coloured or wet, they need to be dried or polished. Use sandpaper or fine steel wool to polish the inside of the contacts. They need to be dried and polished to be able to transmit electricity properly. If there is any corrosion, however, the remote will need to be replaced.

Check the “eyes”
The eyes on the receiving unit and the remote control can become dirty and covered with grime. This can inhibit the transmission of the signal. To prevent this from happening, wipe the eyes using a damp cloth to clean it. Usually, the eyes are resistant to scratching, but they can be scratched when exposed to metal or other abrasive material. If they are badly scratched, you may need to replace the eyes with new ones. This may require the assistance of a service repairman.

sometimes, a reset is needed for both the receiver and the remote control to work properly. You can reset the remote by removing the batteries for 30 seconds and putting them back in. The receiver can be reset by removing the plug for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. You can also reset the code if needed. Usually the opener will have a reset switch and a keypad. To reset the code you would need to press the button and choose a new code. As there are different openers available, you may need to check with the manufacturer.

In case in spite of the above checks, you cannot figure out why the garage door opener remote is not functioning; get in touch with professionals garage door repair professionals in your area. To ensure your door is fully maintained, when you have any garage door issues, it is advisable to contact orangecounty garage door experts to deal with any repair. These handymen have garage door Special offers thus making it affordable for one to seek their services every once in a while.

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