You probably have had your garage door opener for the longest time and never thought of replacing it. You could say it never bothered you for a decade now, or it never really caused any kind of problem for you and your family. You might be right, but there are some new things that have progressed now in a span of a decade or less. This means you might be missing out on a lot of new technology to make things convenient and safe for you. These are some of the things you might not be experiencing with your old garage door opener.


New garage door installation services might highly suggest that you replace your old garage door opener because of security reasons, which is probably the number one reason why you should. Believe it or not, garage door openers before are so accessible for thieves. They just need to have a device handy and they can open your garage door in no time. You probably haven’t experienced this before but sometimes, your garage door opens and closes on its own. This is probably because your neighbour has the same remote control as yours. Imagine that: your neighbour can open your garage without the both of you knowing it, exposing your precious car to passersby.

Key-less convenience

Have you ever been locked out of your own house? The same can happen to you. You can get locked out of your garage door without any other way to access it but to force your door open, should your garage door still require you to use keys. And for that, you will need a garage door repair service. Extra hassle and cost, right? When you replace your old garage door opener, you can get a key-less experience. You don’t have to worry about leaving your keys somewhere. You just have to remember a code you can share with your family. There’s no need to duplicate those keys.

Noise-less mechanism

Garage doors are very noisy – you and your neighbours know that. It will be such an unfortunate thing for you especially if you go home at the wee hours of the night. The good thing is that new garage door installation services may offer you a noise-less garage door opening mechanism. Your garage door doesn’t have to wake your neighbours up anymore, or even worse, your new-born baby.

Battery problems

The most obvious way to get rid of battery problems of your garage door opener would be to simply replace them. Battery problems are prevalent, and sometimes, you might not find another type of battery for your opener especially if your device has long been obsolete. In addition, you might want to just buy a new one that could be the same model as yours if you are happier with it. Overall, it doesn’t really need a garage door repair service.

Safety reversal

Safety reversal is the most popular and liked feature of new garage door openers nowadays. It knows when someone, let’s say a toddler, is in the way, so the garage door reverses to avoid hurting the toddler. New garage door openers have this, and so, especially if you have kids at home, you better get your garage door opener repaired.