When a person moves in to a new home, focus is usually on the main house and the design to make it as hospitable as possible. This usually means that some things like the garage are often neglected to the very end before being focused on. This usually comes to be when something has already gone wrong. However there are some problems that a car owner is most likely to have with their garage doors at least one since they move in to a new house. Some of the most common garage door issues are:

1. Black residues in the exterior part of the garage door
This can mainly be found in a garage door springs replacement done recently. The black residue you will notice is usually oil that has been used on the torsion springs to ensure that they work smoothly. No alarm should be raised in such a case as washing of the residue well will do, as the garage door will work just fine.

2. Garage door does not open
This comes off as the most reported common issue that you can find yourself in. There are usually two reasons for this. The first is that the batteries of the garage door have run out. A replacement can be done easily to make it work. The other reason is that the alignment of springs is out of place and even broken. In this case calling a professional experienced in broken garage springs door repair is ideal. This way stopping the problem from aggravating even further and life goes back to normal as soon as possible.

3. Garage door makes noises while closing and opening
With the moving in a new house does not necessarily mean that it is new to the area, and since garages are often not often replaced this might be the cause. A lubricant can be used in this case to help the garage door function smoothly. However in case that the garage door still does not stop squeaking, a repairs company should be called before a more serious problem occurs leading to Spring repair and replacement.

4. Frayed cables
This is usually the least common problem that is reported and the most dangerous one. If you find that your cables are fraying, do not attempt to fix the doors on your own or even open the garage door to park. Call in broken garage springs door Repair Company as soon as possible. Failure to do so may cause serious bodily injuries that can lead to death.

5. Garage door does not close and keeps opening
This is usually due to clutter in around the garage door obstructing it from working as planned. Removing clutter from this area is best, as the photo sensor will have a free passage and work in as its supposed to. However if this still does not work, calling in a professional garage door installation and repairs company will ensure that the alignment is done as per required. However it is good to note that regular maintenance checks are important for garage doors. This way you can be certain that an emergency happening in the wee morning hours is highly unlikely.