When water seeps beneath the garage door, it can cause extensive damage to the garage door and the items stored within. Garage doors require regular maintenance. The presence of moisture attracts cold air and this has the negative effect of interfering with insulation.

Importance of Weather Stripping

Weather stripping helps to protect a door by making it water resistant and ensuring that the interior is kept safe from damage that can be caused by the elements. It also enhances the energy efficiency of a home. It is important to seal a door appropriately using the right kind of seal placed between the moving sections of the garage door.

The seal works by preventing air from passing through the doors and helps ensure that no openings are present that expose the garage to the elements. It closes any gaps that are present on the doors. There are different types of weather strips for people to choose from. Homeowners need to invest in high quality weather strips that will protect their garages.

Signs of Wear and Tear

During the process of installation, the technician will typically place a weather strip but this can wear out over time and will need to be replaced. Garage maintenance involves checking whether the weather stripping is intact by observing how secure the seals are. You can do this by closing the garage door and checking whether air can infiltrate the door. A solid item like a piece of cardboard can test how secure the seal is. Worn out weather strips cab be identified through an inspection.

Depending on the type of seals used, worn out ones will lose their grip and be unable to seal the leaks. They may appear to be brittle and not effective for their main purpose. They also tend to lose their original shape due to bending.

Garage door weather stripping is necessary if any parts of the door allow air in when the garage door is closed. If such gaps are present, they should be inspected once again after opening the garage door. If a lot of air is able to pass through, it is important to replace the weather stripping as soon as possible. Call experts anytime to for garage door repair.

A well bonded seal on the garage door will help preserve the items that are stored in the garage. As weather stripping continues to wear out it can no longer be as effective as it was. This is why it is necessary to identify signs of wear and tear so that timely replacements could be made. At Orange County Garage Door Experts, we provide effective garage door solutions to people living in Orange County and nearby areas.