Garage doors are meant to offer convenience to the users. Each time we use it, we expect it to function smoothly. But when a door fails to perform it job, it really frustrates us. The following problems can be alarming and you should call a professional in order to fix them. If you have any issue in your garage door, you can call Orange County Garage door repair experts. We work round the clock and offer emergency garage door repair services to our customers.

What are the common problems in garage doors

Door Sticks Open or Closed
This problem can be caused due to couple of issues. In case, you use a remote garage opener, check sensors, switches and batteries first. On the off chance that you open the garage door physically, look for hindrances in the wheel track first. Different climate conditions and temperatures can have an adverse effect on the lubricant. Utilizing to a greater extent a legitimate sort may help staying entryways. One of the real reasons for door is that they are hung unevenly. Verify all the springs and cables are even length and include the same elasticity from side to side.

The Door Moves Unevenly
The most straightforward approach to overcome unevenly opening garage door is by uprooting trash in the tracks (where the wheels run). Clean those to check whether the issue is resolved. Still if the issue has not been resolved, then verify the quality of the springs. They ought to be the same length. With automatic openers, the engines that control both either sides of the door may have broken. A replacement may be the solution.

Make noises at the time of opening and closing the doors
Noisy shrieking, pounding or squealing originating from the door means an issue with dirt or trash in the track or absence of grease. Clean the whole track where the wheels run using mild cleaners to uproot soil and whatever else might be available that could hinder a smooth operation. Use oil uniquely intended for garage doors, or a standard lubricant. Run the garage door up and down in order to confirm of the problem has been solved.
However, this is not the end of issues in garage doors. There are various other major issues that a garage door owner faces. If you are encountering any problem in your garage door, you can always call Orange County Garage Door Experts.

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