Garage doors are in use every day. In the morning, you have to pull out of the garage and head off to work. After arriving home from work, you must park the car in the garage. You repeatedly follow this routine every day. Orange County Garage Door Repair Experts is aware of possible risks you face. A garage door is heavy. In case of a malfunction, it will shut down with tremendous force. You can enjoy the convenience afforded by garage doors and remain safe.

garage door opener maintenance

We recommend you follow the following tips:

  1. When installing the garage door and its opener, request the technicians to put the wall mountable control button at a good height. It should be high enough such that children cannot reach.
  2. Keep the door’s remote control gadgets far from children. In addition, never allow them to use the remote control as a toy.
  3. Have an expert inspect the door on a regular basis. This will help identify wear and tear of parts. You need to replace them when prompted by the technician carrying out the inspection.
  4. Explain to your children why they should keep off the garage door.
  5. Ensure that door reversal mechanism is always working.
  6. We request that you do not try to tamper with springs and cables.
  7. Install a re programmable garage door opener. This prevents anyone from hacking into your security code.
  8. Install an anti-burglar security system.
  9. Never leave the remote control gadget in your car.
  10. Always ensure the door fully locks and does not leave spaces where children can place fingers.
  11. Secure the door leading from the garage to the main house.
  12. If your garage door has some windows, cover them with an opaque material.
  13. Deal with a member of our team always. Do not resort to people who purport to repair garage doors.
  14. When you are going on vacation, always ensure you lock the garage door.
  15. Alert us in case of any security breach.

Follow these simple tips and your garage door will remain a safe installation.